The concept of showing is similar to that of communicating, since both have the same target: exchange. A1 Expo pays special attention to the visual aspect of a company attending an exhibition, supplying arrangements and settings able to grant a customized and optimized setting for each exhibitor, with the right balance between creativity and capability. 

All the areas have been studied and set according to the kind of event, being enhanced according to the relevant needs. 

Efficacy, timing and flexibility are the right instruments used by our highly qualified staff operating side by side with the exhibitor during every working phase: design, creation, assembling, disassembling, transport and assistance. 


The A1 Expo Arrangements&Settings service gives the best interpretation of the "booth" concept, conceived as a crucial instrument of development which has - on one side - the goal of creating new contacts and - on the other - that of implementing the purchase of the products and services offered. The core is always represented by each exhibiting company and its kind of business, paying attention to the design and furniture which can give the company the visibility it deserves.  

A1 Expo offers a broad range of gazebos to be rent, according to the different needs, also offering that original and additional touch which valorizes any setting. Our gazebos can be used individually or the one next to the other and can be rent to be used as a cover, they can be enriched and finished with side walls - plain white or with windows - to create different areas and settings according to the event peculiarity.  

We offer our exhibitors an updated catalogue including a wide range of products where different solutions can be found according to different needs. All the materials and equipment listed in the A1 Expo Catalogue of Accessories are the result of accurate choices aimed at covering any kind of request with an excellent price/quality ratio. 

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The A1 Expo Galleries have been conceived to guarantee the maximum comfort and safety to the public. They can be realized in any shape, offering innovating and up-to-date systems, equipped with stairs, parapets and - iupon request - covers, thus granting stability in windy areas. Renting galleries is suitable both to satisfy the needs of standing or sitting people. 



Stages, floors and mezzanines quite always support the settings and finishings of a light cover. The solutions offered by A1 Expo can be modified and give great importance to visual impact. Floor spaces renting is based on flexible structures so to meet any kind of need. Stages renting and leasing also includes assembling and disassembling, performed by skilled technicians. All stages are equipped with static certifications and comply with all the regulations in force. 

A1 Expo proposes the rental of tent structures of different sizes, studied for any kind of event. Our tent structures can be composed by squared or rectangular modules up to a maximum of 30,000 sq. meters of covering. Tent structure walls are available both plain white or with windows, thus adding a touch of elegance. The standard light system is supplied with a cover, however other lighting and setting solutions can be supplied according to different needs.

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